Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone 6/5S/5/4S/4 Permanently Before Selling

How to delete contacts from iPhone? In order to own a new iPhone, lots of iPhone fans will exchange their old iPhone to others. But the old iPhone often contains so many your personal information in the memory card. Nowadays, more and more iPhone fans may want to buy iPhone 6/6 Plus, it is believe that there are many iPhone users have plan to sell their old iPhone in hand and then proceed with new equipment. So, before you resell your old iPhone device, after all, you should know how to erase contacts permanently to protect the personal privacy going away.

Delete Contacts from iPhone 6 permanently
Are you replace the new mobile phone every year? Are you often give your old iPhone away to friends or resell your old iPhone to others? which means that you will leave your old iPhone behind, passing it on to someone else, or sell it and purchase a new one, another reason is that it might have been regularly damaged or crashed and you no longer use it. But before you deal with your old iPhone, many people are concerned about a problem is that if the iPhone contacts have been really deleted iPhone contacts permanently. The meaning is that your deleted iPhone data unrecoverable by other iPhone Data Recovery software tool easily, with no software can restore the original information.

Some people afraid of personal information being recovered by other people even with iPhone restored. Some people only need to erase some personal information from an iPhone, while restoring iPhone will cause all data loss. If you're in any of the mentioned 2 situation, I'd like to recommend you try iOS Data Eraser to permanently delete iPhone data without restore. There are several options for you to delete iPhone data:

The Free iPhone Data Eraser is designed for those want to delete the data easily or permanently erase all data from their iPhone, iPad and iPod can’t be recovered any more before selling. With iPhone Data Eraser you can 100% permanently erase private data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod device. Although you want to delete iPhone contacts, messages, notes, photos, videos and whatsapp history permanently, it can also do it.

Now, the following buttons need to be pressed to continue the process.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version 

For Mac users: How to Erase iPhone data on Mac

How to Permanently Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Eraser and connect iPhone on PC
Download iPhone Data Eraser and install the software, connect your old iPhone to the computer via USB, the main window will pop up as below:

Step 2: Select “Erase Deleted Files” and Scan
Please press “Start Scan” and wait for a little time, then the previous deleted data including photos, messages, videos, notes, caches, contacts, whatsapp history will list on the window.

Step 3: Erase deleted contacts on iPhone
Select the deleted contacts you want to permanently erase, and then Press “Erase Now” and the window will turn. You can see how far it has gone through the process bar. And press “Done” in the end.

Note: Please do not disconnect the phone because it may be damaged

Step 4: Click “Done” and successfully erase contacts permanently
After you successfully erased the data on iPhone, click “Done” and finish, the deleted data can’t be recovered any more.

Free Download the iPhone Data Eraser:

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version 

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